Be Prepared With a Winter Survival Kit

Here at Ruxer Truck Center we want to remind you that the winter months are fast approaching. This is a good time for drivers in Jasper to prepare a winter survival kit for their vehicle.

Why would you want to add such a kit to your car? Being stranded in a winter storm or freezing weather can be dangerous. The first thing to consider and purchase is a tub or bin for your supplies. The size should depend on the size of your vehicle's trunk or cargo area. A lid that seals is a must. You don't want…

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Have Your Vehicle Services for Back-To-School!

If you are getting ready for back-to-school season, it is crucial to have your vehicle service scheduled. Getting your service scheduled at the same time that you get everything else ready for the back-to-school season means that you can have peace of mind transporting family in the mornings and commuting them home in the evenings.

Have Ruxer Truck Center ensure that your fluids are topped off, and all your filters are clean and ready for the school season. This includes checking your engine oil as well as coolant and brake fluid.


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Planning a Leaf-Peeping Road Trip

If you're thinking of a leaf-peeping road trip through New England this fall, you will want to make the most of your trip. In order to make your autumn sight-seeing a success, you'll want to keep some advice in mind from the pros.

Get up Early

Getting a head start to the day is key. Much activity happens at daybreak during the fall in New England. You are likely to see more animals, get more dramatic color displays, and encounter fewer clouds.

Follow Your Map

With the advent of technology today, it's easy and convenient to follow…

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8 Reasons Why Your Engine May Be Overheating

Engine overheat is one of the most common and serious problems that may happen to your engine. When this happens, immediate action should be taken to establish the cause. If not addressed immediately, it can cause irreparable damages to your vehicle. Therefore, it is important to keep an eye on your engine temperature at all time. Always check the temperature level on the dashboard.

Here are the eight common reasons why your engine may be overheating:

• Because of faulty cooling system – too little or no coolant
• Due to failure of the water pump
• Because of leakages in the cooling system…

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Tire Care Tips: Tread & Pressure

When you are driving down the road, do you ever notice your tire tread? If it is low, then that means there isn't much rubber left on the tires. This can be dangerous because of how much traction a thin layer of rubber provides. It is easy to forget about your car's tires and focus on other aspects like gas mileage or horsepower. But if you neglect them for too long, they may become bald and make your ride bumpy and unpredictable. Keep your tires in good shape with these tips.

Check your tire pressure monthly

Tire pressure…

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What Can You Do With Apple CarPlay?

These days everyone has a smartphone, but it's dangerous to use one while driving. Apple CarPlay allows drivers to make full use of their iPhone while behind the wheel through their vehicle's built-in display. With Apple CarPlay, drivers can play music, look up navigation routes, and much more.

Smartphones are only getting smarter, and Apple CarPlay takes full advantage of that. With Apple Maps, your car can predict where you're going while driving based on past trips and your integrated email account and calendar app. With this information, 


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Get to Know Infotainment Systems

You will find a rich selection of infotainment systems within our inventory of new vehicles at Ruxer Truck Center. If you're not sure about what an infotainment system includes, we're happy to explain.

Once, the roads around Jasper were crowded with vehicles sporting radios with CD players in their dashes. These were the predecessors of today's infotainment systems. Where you once found that radio, you now see an interactive touchscreen.

Expect to gain infotainment features as you climb up through a model's trim levels. If an entry trim has an infotainment system, 

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How to Clean Your Car Quickly

Many people spend hours cleaning their car. However, it is possible for you to clean it in half the time. You can clean your car quickly by using either a garden hose or a pressure washer. If you decide to use a hose, then it needs to have a spray gun extension. You will also need some shampoo, wash mitt and microfiber towel.

Apply the shampoo to the car and then spray your car. You can use a microfiber towel in order to dry off your vehicle.

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Refinancing vs. trading in your car

Did you know there’s an easier way to get into a new car if you want to trade in your vehicle? You don’t have to refinance unless you really want to keep your car. If you have a vehicle with high car payments equaling 40 to 50% of your monthly budget, then it may be time to refinance or trade in your vehicle.

However, refinancing doesn’t always work. Your interest rate may be lowered after a certain period, but you’ll likely spend less time and money by choosing a new car and trading in your vehicle…

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Low-Mileage Oil-Change Intervals

Being a low mile driver means that you drive your car for fewer miles than others. When you go fewer kilometers, you shall save on money and time spent on maintenance.

You shall be able to skip several maintenance tips during maintenance and continue to keep your car in good shape. Low mileage drivers clock less than 40 miles daily. They also fall into the below categories:

  1. Those who regularly use public transportation
  2. Those living close to work
  3. Retired people and no longer commute to work
  4. Those who have an extra vehicle

Below are few tips to consider if you…

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