When summer ends, kids must prepare to return to school. Adults must do their part, too. Adult responsibilities include ensuring a car is safe for taking young ones to school, sports, and more. Bringing the vehicle for back-to-school service could help the cause. Maybe an oil change is past due. Now might be the time to change the oil and have a multipoint inspection performed.

Back-to-school service allows technicians to check the tires for any problems and rotate them. Tire rotations will enable the Ruxer Truck Center service team to check the brakes and connected lines. Such steps could result in improved safety.

Back-to-school service makes it possible to catch up on anything past due on the owner's manual's maintenance schedule. Fluid exchanges, windshield wiper replacements, battery checks, and more are all options.

A mechanic might find a problem that the car's owner did not know about. The next steps may involve performing a fix.


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