Dealing With the Studded or Studdable Tires

When you hear about studded tires, you think about the vehicles with the metal items sticking out of the treads. However, not all tires that are studdable are studded. While there is a chance that the studdable tires are going to cause problems on the road, the good news is that it does not have to be the case with studded tires.

One thing that you will notice about these tires is that you can run them without studs. As a matter of fact, some states have put limits on the tires. There are also states that prohibit the use of studs in tires because of the damage they can cause on the road.

When it comes to studded tires, you have to be responsible to make sure that you are not using them when they are not needed in order to save on the damages of the road.



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